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Youtube watchlist 2016

Whenever I’ve got time to spare (kidding, we all know that never happens) I like to kick back and relax, and watch the videos of some Youtube channels that I follow.

In this post I will go over the various Youtube channels I currently follow and why I think you too should give them a try.



Bad Obsession Motorsport
Their 4 wheel drive Mini build called Project Binky is incredibly detailed, also great British humour. A absolute must watch.
Chris covers lots of easy to do fixes and maintenance on your own car.
Eric fixes cars in his shop while explaining what’s going on, watch out or you might learn something!
Joe doesn’t really adhere to a video release scheme, but likes to have fun with cars and occasionally shares this with the world.
Mighty Car Mods
One of the first and probably one of the best. Marty and Moog show the world how to do mods on your car, sometimes with help of friends. Have been an avid fan for years.
Motor Trend Channel (Roadkill)
Some tieraps, a rusted Oldsmobile, and a 700 horse big block is sometimes all you need.
Offbeat Garage
Another build project, Adel is building a serious S180 for drifting and learns how to do so in the process.
This channel highlights cars that are well preserved by their enthusiast owners, resulting in beautifully shot videos.
The Fab Forums
Various car projects going on in this guy’s shop, where quality is all that matters. Also every Friday a ‘You need this tool’ video explaining why.
Tom’s Turbo Garage
Tom has done a few build project builds, that resulted in amazing cars. I watched Toms V8 Mazda Miata come to life, a joy to behold.

Video games & gaming

Ahoy and Ahoy2
His RetroAhoy playlist covers lots of video game milestones and why they were important, all narrated with an amazing voice. Great videos on other subjects such as guns, graphics, and geographical stuff as well.
CS:GO tips ‘n tricks for all ranks, even n00bs like me.
Gameplay of all kinds of games, fun to watch now and then.
Another gamer that plays trough various games. Every now and then I follow a specific game.
Stuck with this guy after seeing his ‘The Last Of Us’ playtrough. Great video game playlists!
High ranking CS:GO player giving tips ‘n tricks on the game. Looks like I need it.
A cynical British game reviewer, often mocking the games he reviews and himself. Fun to watch.

Construction / wood working / mending

AvE has great do-it-yourself videos on electronics and tools, and how to fix them. Great vocabulary too. Keep your dick in a vice!
See how a clock is built in incredible detail. Really great series!
Colin Furze
Builds the most insane stuff, including jet powered bicycles, a underground man cave shelter, and hand held flame throwers. Stand back and enjoy the show.
I Like To Make Stuff
Bob makes various stuff in his shed, including wood working and electronics.
Jimmy DiResta
DiResta makes things like tables and signs, but also restores knifes and axes, all with great skill.
Frank Howard
Good woodworking skills combined with amazing video editing skills. Beautiful videos!

Informative stuff

C.G.P. Grey
Explaining lots of stuff, e.g. how the kingdom of the Netherlands came to be.
Informative video’s on beer, hehe. Mainly because of this guys great narrating voice.
Kurtzgesagt – In a Nutshell
Various stuff like the universe, nuclear energy, or the human body, combined with beautiful graphics.
Ray Mears
In my opinion the best survival expert out there.

Fun / mocking / humor / sarcasm / whatever

Voice overlays on Dutch royalty and other well known citizens, mostly mocking them. Funny if you’re Dutch.
Casually Explained
Open your eyes and see how the world really works. I guess I never looked at it that way.
Internet Comment Etiquette with Erik
Learn how to leave proper and respectful comments on the internet.
Jaboody Dubs
Gotta get me one of those Sticky Buddies!
Blatently explaining what is wrong with everything.

So now you know how I spend my days at work nights when I am in a lazy mood.

Got any channel suggestions? Drop them in the comment box down below and I’ll be sure to check it out!