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DevOps implementations

In this blog I will go over the various DevOps implementations (or “levels”) I have encountered over the years. I will explain what the pros and cons of each implementation are and why I believe each level we look at is one step up from the previous one.

Resolving composer.lock merge conflicts

For developers merging and rebasing git branches is rather straight forward most of the time, but it can get complex when dealing with PHP’s package manager Composer, and its lock file. In this blogpost I go over my workflow when encountering such a scenario.

Secure remote PHP debugging over the internet

This blog post is a copy of the original post hosted by Enrise here: https://enrise.com/2014/11/secure-remote-php-debugging-internet/ Most of us heard about debugging code and why it’s an easy way of finding out where the problem lies in a (sometimes complex) piece of code. In this article we will be looking at the problems that might occur… more

Hello world!

Hello world! Another day, another site. This time I chose WordPress, since custom coding stuff up is way to time consuming. The thing I did custom code however, was the visual theme. After looking through starter themes like Underscores and Bones I quickly realised that creating a theme from scratch would be as quick as… more