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A new backup solution

Last summer, Code42 announced that they will stop with their backup solution CrashPlan for Home. I have been a user of CrashPlan for Home+ ever since I built a NAS that stores irreplaceable stuff like photos, but sadly this announcement means I have to move on now. This blogpost is a little exploration in the… more

Remote Kodi video playback (Part 3 – SSHFS)

Still here? Still waiting? I would have given up. Oh well, here goes: In part 1 and part 2 I talked about the various existing options for connecting a remote Kodi device to my NAS so I would have access to my media remotely. It also became clear after a bit of testing and tweaking,… more

Remote Kodi video playback (Part 2 – OpenSSH)

In part 1 I explained that I wanted to see my media on a remote RaspBerry Pi 2 running OpenELEC and that it turned out to be quite more of a hassle than foreseen. I talked about swapping out OpenVPN for OpenSSH, but since talking alone doesn’t get you very far, I built a demo… more

Remote Kodi video playback (Part 1 – OpenVPN)

Recently, the situation arose where I wanted to make it possible that the media on my NAS could be watched not only by Kodi instances on my local network, but on external Kodi instances as well. The system I intend on watching my videos on is a Raspberry Pi 2 Model B running OpenELEC 6.0… more